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Inside Our Gyms

Our Innovative Facility

When you join a gym, chances are you look at everything they offer. Many gyms don’t offer much beyond the normal workout classes, gym equipment, and locker room amenities. CrossFit South Bay is more than just a CrossFit gym. We have much more to offer than just the typical gym amenities.

Kettlebells inside Crossfit South Bay - the-main-box

The Main Box

Our main box is where our CrossFit, accelerator, and Olympic weightlifting classes take place. When entering the gym, you’ll see equipment everywhere. In these classes, members use barbells, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, rowers, pull-up bars, free weights, bumper plates, gymnastic rings, jump ropes, plyo boxes, resistance bands, ab mats, and much more! Each piece of equipment is used for various different workouts and movements. Depending on the hour, we will normally have two classes going on at once with music blaring from the speakers.

cycling class

Indoor Cycling & Pilates Studio

The indoor cycling room holds stationary bikes all around the room facing the instructors bike at the front of the room. During a spin class, the lights can be turned off while the strobe lights and upbeat music encourages members to sprint faster during a class. The yoga studio is a relaxing environment, to allow members to begin their day or to decompress after a long day of work. The dark, soothing room grants members to unwind in a calming atmosphere to embrace their inner peace. The Pilates studio holds eight reformers with equipment to provide members with a full Pilates workout.

elevate studio


CrossFit South Bay not only offers a variety of fitness classes, but other pre and post workout amenities. We have a smoothie bar for members to enjoy after a workout to cool down, or before a workout to energize. We have a full menu of drinks to choose from and extra boosters to add.

To supplement the stretching during your cool down, we also have a sauna and ice bath to help relax those tense muscles. Our locker rooms contain two showers with shampoo, conditioner, and body soap to top off your experience.