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At Crossfit South Bay, we help transform lives each and every day. Take a look at the inspiring stories below! You will get a better sense of how we operate! If you have recently workout with us, tell us about your experience. We are always looking for ways to improve.

“CrossFit South Bay has changed my life over the past year and a half. I started my CrossFit journey back in January 2013 and will never turn back! I not only love CrossFit but I love CFSB and the CFSB family I have gained because of it. All the athletes, coaches etc are amazing! It keeps me coming back everyday. I started CrossFit not being able to do anything. I was a lacrosse athlete previously but after an injury in college I had not worked out in years, and I was afraid to workout because of my injury. I am now in better shape and stronger than I ever thought possible. I also am happier with my body than I have ever been! But not only have I developed as an athlete I have developed as a person (as corny as that sounds). Anyone can try crossfit, I promise no experience needed! Any age, any background! Try the free class you won’t regret it!”*

Becca K., Yelp

“CFSB offers a great programming and an even better community. Each day you attend, you will surely be pushed to your limits by an eager and qualified coach. The members will help you to push yourself even further. I started CF a little over a year ago to get in shape, which has happened (dropped 25 lbs, stronger, faster, etc) but I have gained so much more than I anticipated in other areas. My wife and I have made great friends within the community, been educated on nutrition, and have become extremely strong mentally. When you go to a place every day and see a workout that seems insurmountable, but you always make it through it, your confidence builds and builds. You wind up becoming a beast mentally and can apply this to much more than just a workout.”*

Robert G., Yelp

“Would recommend CFSB to anyone, but especially someone who is new to CrossFit. CFSB has a roster of amazing coaches, who are all present and attentive. They offer different levels of difficulty. A class titled “Bells and Balls” allows you to experience what a CF class is like, but uses a mixture of movements that are usually not as difficult as those you come across in a CF class. CF has a pretty bad rep, and people see it as a “cult,” but CFSB does not put out this vibe at all. Everyone is friendly and welcoming – and they have really made a nice community with their members. I love the variation of membership choices and the variation of classes – they offer spinning, yoga, pilates, mobility, the list goes on and on! The new Torrance location is incredible – a great space and great equipment. The owner, Forrest, is very hands on and part of the day-to-day at the gym, which I appreciate. He is always open to suggestions and likes to hear from the members. I have been doing CrossFit for a couple years now, and left my first gym for this one – it was initially a hard decision, but I have never looked back!”*

Monica G., Yelp

“Crossfit South Bay has to be as good as it gets. Before joining CFSB I was an avid weight lifter at the local 24 hr fitness. I had been lifting weights for six years prior to joining, and can honestly say I have learned more about the lifting technique and how the human body functions doing CrossFit in just one year. They have a great on-ramp program that my girlfriend and I took to introduce you to their mentality at the gym and teach you many of the movements that you will be performing in the normal classes. The coaches at the gym make the experience what it is. I go to 6am classes normally and all of the guys/girls that teach the classes are so knowledgeable. I feel as though I can ask them anything and they will take the time to explain it to me, and make sure that I am understanding what they are explaining. I never was much of a fan of PT in gyms because I felt as though I was just another hour to the trainer, here is does not feel that way at all. The last amazing part of CFSB is the price! They have the best rates that I could find anywhere in LA, and you get a huge variety of classes. Not to mention now that the Torrance location has opened…lets just say wow. A must if you are looking to dip into the CrossFit world!”*

Kailey A., Yelp

*Any claims made on this page are based on individual experiences. Results vary among each member.