Accelerator | CrossFit South Bay






Enthusiastic Introduction to CrossFit

We know how getting to the gym can be hard. This is why we have designed a class that incorporates fun during a challenging and rewarding workout. Our accelerator class is unlike any class that you’ve ever taken.

What to Expect

During our accelerator class, you will use CrossFit methodologies and fundamentals to run, jump and manipulate your own bodyweight using kettlebells and medicine balls for resistance training in constantly varied, moderate intensity workouts. The goal of our accelerator class is to give you a new outlook on fitness, resulting in a lean and toned body. During an accelerator class, we put an emphasis on technique and form and teach you the proper fundamentals of a CrossFit workout. Each class focuses on metabolic conditioning workouts that use every part of your body. Our members will develop a base strength and a foundational knowledge of our core movements during every class.

What You’ll Learn

Our enthusiastic and skilled instructors teach you how to properly execute each movement and help you improve with each workout. They help you set your goals and achieve them. No matter what your fitness level, our instructors will help you scale the workouts to your level, while encouraging you to improve. They will help you put forth your best every single class. Each accelerator class varies in movements and workouts, so you are working different muscles and keeping your body guessing. We know how frustrating it can be to exercise and never see any results. That is why we have created a program that will provide you with the results that you are looking for.

Unsure if our accelerator class is right for you? No worries! Stop by our gym today to check it out, we will show you what it’s all about!