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CrossFit Competition




Put Your Skills To The Test

At CrossFit South Bay, we are a fitness family. We encourage all of our members to push themselves and work towards their goals. As a CrossFit gym, we participate in CrossFit competitions frequently. We like to compete with the CrossFit community to bring our members together and to work towards a common goal.

What It Takes

Training for a CrossFit competition takes more than just mastering the WOD. It involves preparing your mind and body for an intense and difficult competition. Preparing for a competition involves some big-time strategy. This is why we train and prepare together. Training becomes more encouraging when there are other people working towards the same goal and that lean on each other. Not every person is going to have the same strengths. Some may be stronger, better at functional movements or have a higher endurance level. Training together helps push you to where you want to be. At CrossFit South Bay, we would love for all of our members to represent our gym! Each competition has different class levels for participants of different fitness levels. Competing in a CrossFit competition can help you reach your goals and improve your skills.

Our members make up our gym. Our CrossFit community bonds through competitions and training, while working towards a common goal. We love our members to represent our gym during CrossFit competitions. Give us a call today to learn more about how you can compete!