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CrossFit Endurance

class doing hand stands

class doing rows

High-Intensity Interval Training

CrossFit endurance uses short, high-intensity intervals to help athletes prepare for distance running events or upcoming competitions. The old philosophy of racking up miles to train has now been challenged with running less milage and adding more intensity to your workouts to be able to race faster. Power and speed are essential components to success in an endurance world. So we combine both in our CrossFit endurance workouts.

CrossFit Endurance

Have you always been an athlete but are still intimidated by CrossFit? You don’t have to be. We guarantee that you’ve already done a deadlift or a strict press before. These movements are functional movements meaning we perform them in our daily routines. Now that you’ve already done them, our goal is to help you perform them in a safe, quick and efficient way. When you do these movements at a high-intensity, you increase your strength and stamina and also reap the benefits of an intense cardio workout.

Benefits You Will Receive

At CrossFit South Bay, we utilize functional movements that make you stronger both inside and outside of the gym. Our workouts are different every day to keep your body guessing and allow it to be pushed physically. CrossFit’s high-intensity workouts produce the kind of response that you want from your body. You will feel sore and feel your muscles working in ways that they never have before. And this is exactly what we want! Both your body and your mentality will be pushed, which will make you stronger. We design our workouts to incorporate all sorts of fitness fields in order to evolve your performance.

We want to help you improve your training. Give us a call today to learn more or stop by our gym to get all the details!