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30/30 Cycling & Kettlebell

Mix Up Traditional Cycling

If you like mixing up your workouts to keep you excited, our 30/30 cycling & kettlebell class is perfect for you. Ride to the rhythm of powerful music in our indoor cycling studio, then change the intensity with some kettlebell workouts.

What to Expect

This all-levels 30/30 indoor cycling class aims to give you a double-blast strength and cardio workout to change up your workout and keep you moving. It includes a quick, high-energy bike ride followed by a dynamic, full-body kettlebell workout. You will start out on the stationary bike for a 30 minute ride, focusing on endurance and strength in intervals. Then you will head into the gym to work on your kettlebell skills, finishing with a short metcon.

Benefits of 30/30

We love this class because it keeps you moving and keeps your body guessing. In this class, we combine a static workout with a dynamic workout, giving you a mixture of both types of exercises. You will get the best of both worlds, receiving a full body workout each class. You will get the same benefits of our cycling class in the first half hour, then will move on to a weight lifting exercise that works different parts of your body. Kettlebell training emphasizes swinging motions that are designed to burn fat, tone muscles, and give you a high-intensity workout.

If you want more variation in a workout, sign up for a 30/30 cycling & kettlebell class today! We’ll help you get started!