30/30 Cycling & Lifting | CrossFit South Bay


30/30 Cycling & Lifting

Do you get bored of doing the same thing? Add some variety to your workout. Work out your legs and core during the first half of this class and then burn fat and calories during the second half. You will never do the same 30 minutes as any other class!

Burn some calories in the cycling studio then move to the bar after being warmed up. Spend your first 30 minutes of intense cycling and your last 30 minutes doing some heavy lifting. The lifting will vary in movement and schedule, allowing each week’s class to be different. We make sure that the lifting also complements the regular CrossFit WOD to ensure that it fits well into your workouts for the week! The high-intensity lifting will be similar to our normal CrossFit classes, focusing on using barbells and free weights in each workout. With an energetic and vigorous workout like 30/30 cycling & lifting, you will get a full body workout that will have you working many different muscles at different times. You will get cardio and weight training during one workout class, providing you with all the elements of a healthy workout. Variation in exercise routines stimulates different parts of your muscles, providing you with better results. You will never get bored with this workout!

Just like our CrossFit classes, all barbell classes must be completed before attending this class since instruction will be minimal. If you are looking for a more dynamic and diverse workout, sign up for 30/30 cycling & lifting today!