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Core Pilates

Deep Core Muscle Conditioning

This high-intensity, low-impact Pilates class tests your strength and has your whole body working the whole class. Pilates is an effective method of training your body and building a stronger core and leaner muscles.

What Is Core Pilates?

Our core Pilates class is a full body workout that combines strength training with cardio activity in a dynamic and supportive group setting. During class, you will use the reformer’s weight-bearing springs, jump boards, straps, pulleys and free weights to give you an effective workout that will have you using all your muscles. With each exercise, different parts of your body are used to sculpt and tone every muscle. The Pilates reformer provides finely tuned exercise resistance that allows individuals to work on developing their alignment, core strength, and flexibility. The reformer provides resistance from the springs, but also allows you to use your own body weight as an added resistance. Our core Pilates class kicks up the intensity to give your core muscles a deeper challenge than other workouts.

What To Expect

There is a variation of exercises during this class, doing reformer exercises, mat work, and an integration of using various props throughout the workout. This Pilates class is a full body, core targeted, fat burning workout that will tighten your body, burn your fat, improve your endurance and jump-start your metabolism. Even when working and pushing your muscles, our instructors make it fun with great playlists and expert instruction to help you improve.

We require a member to have taken ten Pilates classes prior to taking the core Pilates class. If you’re ready for a greater challenge, sign up for a core Pilates class today!