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Power & Restorative Pilates

Rhythmic Movements & Strength Training

What could be more rewarding than sweating and shaking during a fun and entertaining Pilates class? Not much. Pilates will have you working your muscles like you never have before. Intimidated by the Pilates reformer? There’s no need to be! Our instructors will help you learn all the fundamentals of the Pilates movements and teach you how to use the reformer properly.

What is Power & Restorative Pilates?

Our power & restorative Pilates class emphasizes rhythmic, flowing sets of movements that increase strength, flexibility and stamina. This class will improve your alignment, balance and coordination. Your whole body is being toned with each movement, as you work on your muscles, core and strength. The goal of this class is to develop your body with a strong back and abdominal muscles.

Understanding The Reformer

The Pilates reformer is the main focus in this class, with workouts that have you seated, standing, on all fours, or lying on your back or sides. The different positions performed target different areas of your body, focusing on many different muscles throughout the class. You will work on the challenging fundamentals of Pilates while engaging in a fun and upbeat fitness class. Every class is unique and will have you feeling muscles that you didn’t know you had.

Our Instructors

At CrossFit South Bay, our Pilates classes are taught by experienced Pilates instructors whose upbeat energy and vast repertoire of exercises challenge every member to improve and work towards their own goal. They are interactive in every class to teach you proper form and encourage you to keep going. To begin seeing results with your body, sign up for a power & restorative Pilates class today!