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Hot Yoga




Our hot yoga classes are designed as a vinyasa flow class in a room with the temperature set at 95 degrees. Hot yoga blends powerful elements of our vinyasa flow class, encompassing the meditative and detoxifying qualities of a heated room. This yoga class is practiced in a heated, climate-controlled studio, focusing on detoxifying the body and soul. Set to the right music, this class is energizing and fun and will have you sweating from every pore.

The heated room promotes deep stretching, mental focus and detoxification. Each posture is set in a thoughtful sequence designed to build, open the body safely, and strengthen from head to toe. This hot yoga class is designed for all levels of practice, but also offers more advanced positions for individuals who are at a higher level. During class, you will feel your breath getting heavy as you perform every position, allowing you to slow down and concentrate on syncing your breath and your movements in harmony. When you walk out of our yoga studio, you will be soaked from head to toe, but feel detoxified and in a much more peaceful state of mind.

We recommend that athletes pair yoga with their training. A combination between a high-intensity workout and a tranquil yoga class is the perfect balance to your training, and is guaranteed to get you in shape.

Come join us for a hot yoga class. Water and towel highly recommended!