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Relaxation Yoga

Relax & Revitalise

We all have those days when we’re exhausted from a tough day at work or have had too much of the rat race that consumes our day. Our relaxation yoga class is designed with those days in mind. When you just need to take an hour to relax without having to deal with your responsibilities, relaxation yoga is just what you need.

What To Expect

During our relaxation yoga, you will enjoy a restorative flow with breathing and meditation exercises. It is an invigorating flow class of meditation in motion that will bring peace to your mind, body, and soul. Go with the flow, find your peace, and practice at your own level.

Benefits of Relaxation Yoga

Relaxation yoga will allow you to let go of your mind, your muscles, and your tensions, and to just focus on a tranquil mind and spirit. Your muscles are in a constant alert state throughout your day, but you will be trained to release your muscles and relax the signals from your brain. Practicing yoga in the morning will help you be more relaxed during the day and keep your spirits positive. Practicing yoga at night will help you release the tensions of the day and help you sleep with a clearer mind.

Bring peace to your body and mind. Let go of the stresses of the day and join us for a relaxation yoga class.