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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Go With The Flow

When you think of yoga, do you just think about relaxation and balance? Yes, those are important characteristics of yoga, but they are not everything. Our vinyasa flow yoga class will have you sweating, get your heart rate up and give you a workout. Come see for yourself!

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

Our vinyasa flow yoga class consists of yoga poses done in a specific series. You will begin with a slow warm up to prepare your body for the poses, and continue to build throughout the class to reach a peak. Every movement is designed to synchronize your breath while you move through a series of poses, inhaling and exhaling at specific moments. Each movement flows smoothly through the sequence, and at a rate that is slow enough for you to complete each position, but quick enough to get your heart rate up.

Benefits of Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This class has both mental and physical challenges. When you sweat, you expel the toxins in your body while reenergizing the positive endorphins. The synchronized breathing that you practice will help relax your mind and release energy flow throughout your body. This class is encouraged for both beginners and advanced individuals, as there are modifications that can be done to ease or intensify each position. Vinyasa flow yoga is a diverse yoga class that will provide you with many benefits.

We would love for you to join us for a vinyasa flow yoga class today. Feel free to give us a call or come in to talk to one of our instructors and learn more about our yoga classes.