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Olympic Weightlifting

Women working outAt CrossFit South Bay, we are proud to serve our members with excellent fitness classes, CrossFit competitions and personal training.

We are proud to offer the best Olympic weightlifting classes to our members that are looking to build strength at a competitive level. Our classes are challenging and are built on the specific requirements of the Olympic standards.

What is Olympic Weightlifting?

Olympic weightlifting is an athletic competition in modern Olympic games where participants attempt to lift maximum weights in single lifts. This sport may seem simple, but it requires massive strength training and discipline. In Olympic weightlifting competitions, the athlete must perform lifts that are snatch and clean and jerk. These types of lifting techniques each require a specific set of strengths for qualification in the sport. Each competitor receives three attempts at each technique. Their scores will be averaged and compared to other factors, including the amount of weight lifted, the competitor’s weight, and cleanliness of the lift.

Our Classes

At CrossFit South Bay, we are proud to serve our members with Olympic grade training classes. Our Olympic Weightlifting class will teach our members the basics of the sport and basics of weight lifting in general. Our trainers have experience in the sport and in the best methods to achieve greatness in it. If you are looking for a challenging and educational class, this class is for you.


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