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Train Better

Be stronger, faster and healthier with SFH supplements. These products will help with your workout, recovery and your overall health.

SFH Supplements

SFH is a division of Maine Natural Health that is dedicated to sports nutrition. They apply science and clinical testing when creating their natural products, with the vision of benefitting wellness and fitness. All products supplement clean diets and exercise programs and promote strong bodies, muscle development, energy generation, immune health, weight management and recovery rates.

doing planks to workout the coreProducts:

  • Push Pre-Workout Supplements
  • SO3+D3 Omega-3 Oil
  • SO3 Omega-3 Oil
  • Fuel Whey Protein
  • Pure Whey Protein
  • Recovery Whey Protein
  • Fortified Whey Protein
  • Endurance Whey Protein

Boost your workouts and your overall health. Stop by CrossFit South Bay today to learn more about what products are right for you!