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Yoga Classes

clients doing yogaHigh-Intensity & Traditional Yoga Classes

At CrossFit South Bay, we are proud to serve our members with excellent fitness classes, CrossFit competitions and personal training.

We are a team of dedicated professionals that are proud to offer challenging and inspiring fitness classes. One of the classes that our members have come to rely on most is yoga. We offer a variety of yoga classes that are each challenging and awarding. The yoga classes that we offer are:

Traditional Yoga – We offer traditional yoga classes to start or end your day with a relaxing and challenging poses. Release the pressure from your mind and body in our hour-long yoga classes.

Hot Yoga – Our hot yoga is a modern twist on traditional yoga. We crank up the temperature in the yoga studio to a blazing 98 degrees and work through a series of poses and movements. This class will have you sweating like never before. Not only will you build strength in a safe atmosphere, you will detoxify and cleanse your body.

Relaxation Yoga – At CrossFit South Bay, we understand the hectic and crazy work days that you endure. When you need an hour to ease your mind, body and spirit, this class is for you.

Yin Yoga – In Yin Yoga, we work through each pose and stretch slower than traditional yoga. We hold each pose longer creating a greater challenge for our members.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Vinyasa yoga focuses on aligning breathing with movements. We work through a series of poses in more of a flow than other classes. This is a slower paced class, but will keep your heart rate up with constant movement.


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Since opening our doors in 2008, our classes have provided an encouraging, welcoming atmosphere that makes every member feel like they are part of our fitness community. Join us today!