We believe that community comes first. When you surround yourself with people all striving toward the same goal, great things happen.

About Us

CrossFit South Bay was one of the first 100 affiliates in 2007. We were just a few rogue fitness fanatics who were sick of the typical globo gym atmosphere. Our workouts consisted of a mix of CrossFit and Gym Jones workouts that we found online. Medicine balls were made out of old basketballs and pull-ups were done on monkey bars. Our priority was to improve our overall fitness while have fun doing it.

Fast forward to today and CrossFit South Bay is the largest and most established CrossFit gym in the entire South Bay. Our community has grown from 8 people in a park to hundreds across two facilities. My goal is to one day grow our amazing community to thousands nationwide. Thanks to our staff, coaches and long time members, CFSB has become an amazing place not just for fitness, but for inspiration.

About You

Why include an about you section?

Because there is no CrossFit South Bay without you. Our mission is not to show you how fit we are, but for you to experience the confidence and happiness that is associated with achieving a fitness goal.

I truly believe that we have the best fitness community in the South Bay. We do not care how fit you are, what you ate for dinner last night or if you can’t do a pull-up. If you have a passion to be better, have a growth mindset and know how to give a high-five, we welcome you to come and grind with us!