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We believe that community comes first. When you surround yourself with people all striving toward the same goal, great things happen. CrossFit South Bay was one of the first 100 affiliates in 2007. We were just a few rogue fitness fanatics who were sick of the typical globo gym atmosphere.

Fast forward to today and CrossFit South Bay is the largest and most established CrossFit gym in the entire South Bay. Our community has grown from 8 people in a park to a "fitness family" of hundreds who come together to motivate, challenge and support each other on our individual fitness journeys. Our goal is to one day grow our amazing community to thousands nationwide. Thanks to our staff, coaches and long time members, CFSB has become an amazing place not just for fitness, but for inspiration.






Phil grew up in Dorchester, MA and played multiple sports. He played soccer and hockey at a collegiate level at Wentworth Institute of Technology, where he studied Construction Management. After discovering CrossFit, back in 2015, he started using CrossFit as a way to stay in shape and have an upper hand on his competition on the field. Phil has been a CrossFit coach since 2017 and enjoys helping others improve in CrossFit as well as competing in CrossFit competitions himself. When not at the gym, you can either find Phil riding his road bike along the coast  or on a construction site changing the LA skyline. 




Jake is a SoCal native from the Santa Clarita Valley who has been in competitive sports since a young age and wonders what took him so long to get into CrossFit. He coached youth soccer and football while earning his degree in exercise science at Azusa Pacific University. Jake is a big fan of breakfast burritos, ultimate frisbee, the Dallas Cowboys, and LA sports teams. He got into CrossFit with his wife, Kellie, in 2017 and has been coaching since 2018. They have a baby daughter, Harper, who loves to cheer everyone on at CFSB.




Get to know Brian




Blake has a Philosophy Degree from UCSB and has been a full time strength & conditioning coach for almost 10 years
He was born & raised in the South Bay, where he still lives with his wife, Chasity, and 3 kids.




DeAndre started CrossFit in 2017 and fell in love with the community and became addicted to the mental and physical challenges that it brought him. He has always had a passion for helping others, so in 2020 he decided to get his L1 and started coaching at gyms all over the South Bay.  To strengthen his coaching skills, DeAndre completed his L2. in 2022.  If he's not coaching or working out, you can find him trying new food places with his fiancé, on his BBQ grill or glued to his couch watching football!




It all began with a Spartan Race in Atlanta, Georgia over 10 years ago when seeing a team of CrossFitters piqued Brasher’s curiosity in the sport. After doing the Hero WOD “Carse”, at CrossFit Sacrifice, Brasher was instantly addicted.  Before that, Brasher was an avid runner completing everything from 5k races to Ultra Marathons. In March of 2023 Brasher obtained his L1 and began coaching at CrossFit Hollywood.  Since moving to LA Brasher spends almost every single weekend the beach, inspiring his move to Hermosa Beach in October 2023 where he began wod’ing at CrossFit South Bay. Having so many extraordinary and talented athletes and coaches at the gym, Brasher was eager to begin coaching at CrossFit South Bay!




A lifelong athlete and soccer player Dennis explored his love of competition as a Naval Aviator: competing in road racing, marathons, triathlons, cycling and karate. Lured to CrossFit in 2019 by Coach Blake Trippy Dennis was instantly drawn to the spirit of community and the chance to continually challenge himself.  Coaching provides Dennis the opportunity to help others find joy on their fitness journey. When not at the box Dennis enjoys family tennis and all things outdoors, especially hiking and backpacking.




Stephanie moved to California in 2018 after graduating from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. She still plays lacrosse internationally and enjoys competing in CrossFit as well! When not at the gym she can be found at Baked Bear on the pier or enjoying a sunset dinner on the beach.




Alyx grew up in Oregon playing competitive basketball & track. She found her love of CrossFit in college and continued to pursue the sport when she moved to Redondo Beach in 2021. Today she focuses on Olympic Weightlifting and brings her pup, Cricket, to the gym every day. When she's not at the gym she works as a full time Art Director and is usually hitting a hiking trail for fun.

Brett and his family moved from Oklahoma at the beginning of 2024 to start a new church in Hermosa Beach. In 2016 Brett and his wife, Ashly, started CrossFit RWOL in Mustang, OK, where they are still the current owners. Pastoring and CrossFitting go hand in hand by keeping Brett prepared for whatever life throws at him, and having 4 boys and a dog, life can get messy! Being a CrossFit Certified L3 Trainer, Brett is equipped vast knowledge, experience and positive energy that he brings to each class. He also holds a L1 Precision Nutrition Certificate and has taken many other courses to expand his knowledge base, including Burgener Strength L1, Painfree Performance Specialist Certification, and Mobility through CrossFit. When not pastoring or in the gym, Brett is finding new ways to indulge his sweet tooth through homemade goodies, espeically of the peanut butter and dark chocolate combination!




Coach Chris Mootoo, more commonly known as Coach Mootoo is a South Bay native from Torrance. After playing soccer through his youth and picking up ice hockey in his early 20’s, Coach Mootoo injured his knee while running 7-10 miles daily. Unable to run more than 2 miles at a time, he grew frustrated and looked to CrossFit to satisfy his fitness regimen. Coach Mootoo’s first week of class was at the old CFSB Torrance location and he showed up to his first class during CF Games’ week in 2014, (he thought all the games’ competitors that were dropping in were regular members!!).  After quickly finding his time slot at 5:30AM  he found his stride and rapidly fell in love with the barbell. Coach Mootoo began as a CrossFit L-1 Trainer in 2018 and now carries his CrossFit L-2 certification as well as his USA Weightlifting Level 1. Coach Mootoo enjoys snatching, snacking, and attending Kings games with his son, Maverick.




Brian has 7 years CF experience.  He enjoys weightlifting and gymnastics.  

His favorite WOD is "Amanda"

and in his free time he loves hanging with friends, making and/or eating pizza and spending time with his wife Amanda and their dog Wyatt!



Brenda was born and raised in the South Bay. She’s been doing CrossFit for over 10 years and loves anything outdoors, from hiking the backcountry to watching sunsets at the beach; she feels that just being under the sun makes for a great day. Brenda also runs a meal prep service.  Want a good meal?  Hit her up!


Everything about CFSB is great and it doesn’t matter if it’s your first day trying CrossFit or you’re a Games' Athlete!  The programming is great, the coaching is great, the competition level is great but the community is phenomenal (an embarrassingly high percentage of my friends were all met at the gym).  Everyone is SUPER welcoming to beginners, I dont think I’ve ever seen a new person show up and not be immediately greated by everyone in class - They also have a good ramp up program as well as “CrossFit adjacent” style classes for anyone who is new to this style of training.  10/10 would recommend!


I lived at the bottom of 5th Street for over a year before I got the guts to walk up and check out Crossfit South Bay.  Every morning I had heard the pitter-patter of class coming down the hill, and saw an entire group of people smiling and looking the way I wanted to look. That turned out to be one of the single best decisions of my life. I was over 270 pounds and needed to make a change for my kids, and myself.  It was the first time in my life that going to the gym was something that I looked forward to. I found the 5am crew, and made great friends who pushed me and kept me accountable. Now I still don’t always look the way I want to but I feel better than I ever have before. Every part of my life is now better and I couldn’t think of a better community than CFSB to share the journey with. I encourage you to find your “why” and come on in - you will not regret it.


I joined CrossFit South Bay after hitting a major plateau at other types of gyms. I was originally hesitant to join because of the stigmas around CrossFit. However, after only a few weeks I realized how incredible the CrossFit community is, and how extra special it is at this particular CrossFit gym. So many of the women motivated and encouraged me to try things that I never would have without their encouragement. On top of the workouts , there are get togethers and fun events throughout the year. The entire gym has been extremely welcoming to my entire family, including our kids and dog. It’s wonderful to be part of such an amazing community!


This is our original location that is the combination of two converted auto body garages. This has a gritty and raw feel and the vibe is loud and high energy. This location is only 2,400 square feet but we have large garage doors that open up to an additional 3,000 square feet of outdoor space.

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