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The path to true overall fitness can be a winding road. That is why we offer several different types of programs to help you improve your overall fitness levels in the most efficient way possible. Whether you are building strength or trying to lose weight, our experienced coaches will guide you to crushing your goals.


High Intensity Interval Training

CrossFit classes combine multiple elements of fitness to offer the best overall fitness levels. We follow the best-in-class programming from Mayhem, that provides constant variation, functional movements, and high-intensity workouts.


Learning the basics

Accelerator is the perfect place for everyone new to CrossFit to learn the exercises while getting your fitness level ready for CrossFit.


Go at your own pace

Open gym is where you can focus on areas of your fitness that need improvement. Follow a pull-up progression plan, do your daily MobilityWOD or follow a strength program.


Customized experince

Private coaching offers an added level of accountability and motivation. Your coach will be obsessed with you crushing your goals!



Free Intro Class


1 Drop In


2 Week Intro

(Includes 2 one-on-one coaching sessions)


3 Drop In Pack


Monthly Unimited
(12-Month Contract)


5 Drop In Pack


Monthly Open Gym Unlimited


Private Training

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